Wednesday, July 6, 2011

River Stones 07/07/2011

I have to stop reading or watching the news; it is eroding my faith in my country and mankind.


  1. Kay, this stone has rough edges that catches at me. I too stopped reading the papers, although I do still listen to radio news. The faith in mankind has to come from the everyday acts around you. The media twist the world out of shape.

  2. The media work to their own agenda but the spin they put on the world affairs can be so depressing and you feel so helpless to effect change.

  3. Kay, not only your country.
    I can hardly bear what is happening here and everywhere in the world.

    How about stoning all politicians?

  4. I know what you mean. I turned off the satellite a couple of weeks ago because I was so fed up with the news and all the rest of TV.
    The news is one thing, but the tainted news we hear is full of propaganda and who know what is real any longer.
    I don't miss it.


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